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Our Work / The Kanchi Network Toolkit.

Kanchi is a not-for-profit disability organisation working to change mindsets and behaviours. Kanchi works with decision makers and leaders to promote the Disability Business Case through unique, innovative and effective initiatives, such as the Kanchi Network.

Kanchi approached us to create the toolkit for the Kanchi Network, a project which we where delighted to be a part of.

The toolkit is divided into ten distinctive sections, utilizing a bright and vibrant color palette, the set references the positivity of Kanchi and their objectives for a brighter inclusive future for all. Each publication has it’s own unique geometric pattern to reference individuality and the spectrum of individuals working collectively towards a common goal. The publications are each inset by 5mm to negate dividers, giving the full impact of the colour set and pattern work.

We incorporated honest, real imagery into the publications, set in full colour and monotone, these impactful images communicate the reality of the world we live in and the positive effects that this truly wonderful organization is creating.

On the technical side of things, the publications work with best practice for legibility and visual impairment. The typography was chosen for it’s increased legibility and large x height. Flanked with generous margins, the line lengths do not exceed 10 words nor do they use hyphenation.

Printed on a mix of embossed and uncoated stocks, the final result is something we are very proud of.& some more spreads for your viewing pleasure…